Pharm-In offers a range of services covering all areas of drug registration, pricing, pharmacoeconomics and categorization. We assist our clients with the launch of new drugs to the Slovak pharmaceutical market and then help ensure they retain competitive prices and reimbursement levels. We take care of all the related activities required by current drug policy legislation.

Registration and pharmacovigilance

Marketing Authorization of a medicinal product is a permission to place a medicinal product on the market and its listing into the registry of registered medicinal products. It is a basic prerequisite for introduction a medicinal product on the pharmaceutical market in the Slovak Republic. Thorough knowledge of the processes, legislation and necessary documentation is required for the swift and successful registration procedure of a medicinal product. Equally important is the maintenance of the life cycle of the registered medicinal product i.e. properties of the medicinal product in …


Ensuring drug availability and getting a drug reimbursed by health insurers requires a thorough knowledge of the pricing and categorization process. Pharm-In offers you a solution that integrates clinical and economic arguments so as to demonstrate the value and benefit of a drug in line with applicable legislation and methodical guidelines. We offer the following Categorization services: daily monitoring of proceedings on the Categorization electronic portal of the Ministry of Health with option of e-mail notifications (using the service MONITOR-In) preparation of documentation for all …


We ensure you maintain your competitiveness by non-stop monitoring of price proposals and proceedings on reimbursement changes, and by reacting flexibly within the deadlines set for the submission of price proposals. It is also necessary to submit regular information about reference prices in EU countries. We offer our clients the following Pricing services: access to the web database application PRICE-In, which notifies clients about announced changes to prices and reimbursements and so lets them calculate swiftly a proposed price with desired co-payment search and calculation of reference …


The health service budget is limited and expenditure on medicinal products in Slovakia is constantly rising. This pushes pharmacoeconomics to the forefront of drug policy and pharmaceutical companies must demonstrate the cost-effectiveness and budget impact of new drugs being introduced to the market. Our Pharmacoeconomic services include: elaboration of local pharmacoeconomic analyses in line with legislative requirements and methodical guidelines feasibility studies that evaluate whether a drug satisfies the legislative criteria for inclusion to the reimbursement system and calculation of …

Real data

Healthcare systems and the various involved entities increasingly encounter the need to access data from real clinical practice. These data are essential, especially when introducing new treatment or diagnostic modalities to clinical practice. According to current Slovak methodical guidelines, real data are preferred also in the preparation of pharmacoeconomic analyses. Real data may include clinical and economic data, but also data provided by patients …

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