Epidemiological Analysis

For the categorization of medicinal products, medical devices and dietetic foods, local epidemiological data on the disease to be treated must also be submitted with the application.

In the study of epidemiology, we offer:

  • preparation of extended analyses, assessment and interpretation of available and published epidemiological data
  • standardized analysis of trends in the development of incidence and mortality of certain diseases in Slovakia with expression of year-on-year change, and standardized and international comparable prospective predictions of these indicators to the current year,
  • calculation of the size of the target population suitable, for instance, for treatment or intervention
  • geographic characteristics of incidence and mortality for defined diseases in the Slovak Republic by selected territorial units (down to district level)
  • extrapolation of data from foreign data, comparison of reference values with outputs in Slovakia, interpretation of discovered differences and deviations
  • preparation of comprehensive and exhaustive review summaries on all available epidemiological indicators of a defined disease
  • design, creation, evaluation and publication of all types of non-interventional epidemiological studies and research

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