Analysis of proceedings

The process of designating a drug to the List of Reimbursed Drugs is regulated in Slovakia by respective legislative and methodical norms. If a drug reimbursement application does not satisfy all the legal and methodical requirements, the drug cannot be included to the reimbursement system. All proceedings, including annexes, recommendations and documents, are published on the website of the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic. We utilize the eRiX application to process information about proceedings published on the Ministry of Health portal Categorization of Medicinal Drugs dating from 1.1.2012 right up to the present day.

The eRiX application provides data on:

  • the criteria used in decision-making of the Ministry of Health on the reimbursement of new drugs and indications
  • the reasons for not including drugs and indications based on issued decisions of the Ministry of Health
  • the success rate of including new drugs and indications to the reimbursement system

We can conduct analyses based on individual specifications by applying various criteria (e.g. period, manufacturer, ATC group, indication and so on).

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